Novastar H2 (1 x HDMI, 1 x DP, 16 LED Out)

Empowering Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Displays

The Novastar H2 Video Splicing Server is a next-generation flagship solution specifically designed for narrow pixel pitch LED displays. It adopts a pure hardware plug-in architecture, leveraging high-performance FPGA processing and high-speed crosspoint matrix switching technology. This innovative design ensures powerful signal processing capabilities, making the H2 an ideal choice for demanding video splicing requirements. With its unique integration of splicing processing and video control, the H2 simplifies the system interconnection architecture, providing a seamless and efficient solution for narrow pixel pitch LED displays.

Full 4K Capability

The H2 Video Splicing Server takes display effects to new heights. It supports real 4K viewing frequency processing, delivering stunning visual experiences. Combined with industry-leading high-quality image processing technology, the H2 produces exceptional image quality, resulting in captivating visuals that leave a lasting impact. With a maximum control capacity of 26,000,000 dots, the H2 is optimized to handle the intricate details and precise pixel configurations of narrow pixel pitch LED displays, ensuring every detail is showcased with utmost clarity.

With its flexibility in configuration, the H2 accommodates up to four input cards and two output cards. This versatility allows seamless connectivity for multiple sources and efficient management of displayed content. Whether you're setting up a control room, broadcasting studio, or high-end advertising display, the Novastar H2 Video Splicing Server offers the perfect solution. It combines cutting-edge technology, powerful performance, and precise control to elevate the visual impact and overall experience of narrow pixel pitch LED displays.


  • 1 x HDMI Input, up to 4K
  • 1 x Display Port, up to 4K
  • 16 x LED Output Ports

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